Roles Played by Orthodontists


Dental care has become a matter of concern for most people. Some are born with dental defects while others acquire it. Orthodontists are special types of dentists who focus on correcting arrangement of teeth and ensuring that the jaw gets a good shape. They have a variety of roles to play apart from this.

Orthodontists are charged with the responsibility of placing braces in people's mouths. This is usually done to realign the teeth to their right positions in the mouth. Some teeth may grow crooked requiring that they be realigned. This enables people to be able to perform various functions such as biting and chewing. With misaligned teeth, these functions become difficult. Some teeth may also elongate outside the mouth. The best orthodontist indianapolis with the help of dental appliances can shape the teeth well. This enables people to close their mouths.

At times, people have their jaws dislocated. This can be because of injury or dislocation at birth. This normally alters the appearance of a person because it affects their facial structure. Such patients require retainers to have the jaws corrected. The orthodontist will therefore design retainers which they will use to fix this problem. They must ensure that they are well fixed for them to function well. They also carry out tests to ensure that they get the right form of treatment for jaw dislocations. This helps those affected to regain a normal appearance as well as feel comfortable about themselves.

Just like other dentists the orthodontists should advise their patients on how to maintain their dental health. They need to tell the clients the right diet to maintain to ensure good condition of their teeth. Those with braces should also be taught on the right ways of cleaning their teeth to prevent formation of stains on them. 

Orthodontists should always ensure that they maintain a clear record of their patients' treatment. This is to ensure that they can monitor their progress effectively. It also enables them to know whether they should refer their patients for further treatment. The best orthodontist indianapolis therefore should work with other dentists and medical doctors for the good of their patients. They should also ensure that they are aware of any other medication that their patients are using so as not to prescribe medication that can interfere with them.

Orthodontists play a vital role in ensuring that people can smile and carry on with their lives normally. Their importance cannot be ignored.